Does one need a Data Science Certification to become a Data Scientist?

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Learning Data Science Online

In this high-tech world, it’s no surprise that skills like data science are generating prodigious demand in the job market. Soon after, the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics predicted a 15% rise in data scientist jobs between 2019 to 2029, more and more aspirants are shifting towards this sector. 

Certainly, Data Scientist has become a fascinating role for job seekers, but many are still unclear about the procedure. Questions like “Do I need a Data Science certificate to get a job?” Or “Why should I opt for a Data Science certification course?” are inevitable for any aspiring data scientist.  

To answer your question: 

Yes, you can be a data scientist even without a certificate and with genuine interest and aptitude but, it might not be that rewarding. Certification courses give you an advantage as a result of which you not only hone your skills but also seize better opportunities. 

Data science certification courses have multiple benefits, but before we go there, you should know, why are you choosing data science as a career?

Data science as a career

Data Scientist

We are living in a data-heavy world! 

Every day as people scroll, tap or browse over the internet, zillions of data are generated through their digital footprints. To scoop useful insights from this pool of data, businesses from all domains are hiring Data Scientists. They use their skills in statistics, mathematics, and computer science to analyze and interpret this data.

The demand for Data scientists is skyscraping and expected to show further growth in the future, making it a good career choice. 

Although there are many other ways to become a data scientist, learners opt for certification courses as they are more flexible, less time-consuming, and just as valued. It is the best option for working professionals and students who want to develop new skills for their career growth along with their jobs and studies. 

here are some reasons for you to consider a certification course in data science for your career development- 

How does Data Science certification foster your career? 

  1. Roles in big companies
Data scientists' role

Big companies are prioritizing candidates with proper certification and training. A certification course in Data Science also enables you to opt for titles, such as data analyst, project manager, solution architect, data visualizer, data analytics manager, business intelligence analyst, and data statistician in top companies. 

  1. Growth factor
growth in the field of Data Science.

As stated above, Data Science is a growing field and is expected to increase at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 26.9% from 2020 to 2070. Certification courses in Data Science prepare you for this growth by providing knowledge and skills thus, making you eligible to coincide with the future demand. 

  1. Flexibility and opportunity
opportunities in Data Science

Data Science certification courses give you the flexibility to develop your skillset without compromising on your work. The demand for data scientists in every sector also brings you opportunities to shift from one domain to another with similar specialization.

  1. Better practical knowledge
Practical knowledge of Data Science

Certification courses provide better practical knowledge of the subject. For example, to provide a better understanding of Scholastic Models, subject experts will teach you the practical application of the same via industry use-cases along with the theory. 

  1. Monetary compensation 
 data scientist's salary.

The role of data scientist offers a handsome salary package according to the skills you have. The average data scientist’s salary is ₹698,412, and a fresher can earn around ₹500,000 per annum. Certification in Data Science can make you eligible for well-paid jobs in large companies. 

  1. Anyone can take a course 
Data Science course online

Last but not the least, you don’t need to have a specific background in science or analytics to opt for a data science certification course. All you need is your interest and willpower to get a hold of this field. 

There is no written rule that you need a data science certification to become a data scientist, but a course in the field is always advantageous. Certification courses offer you more knowledge, practice, and opportunities to succeed in this profession. With the guidance of your mentor, you can eliminate any obstacles in your path of becoming a flourishing data scientist and head straight to the journey. 

The data science certification course offered by SkilloVilla allows you to learn from the industry masters with LIVE interactive sessions and concept videos. Our curriculum is carefully designed by industry experts, having years of hands-on experience to provide quality education to our students. 

Our curriculum includes- 

  • Weekly Live lectures by the industry masters for students to understand the real-time application of theory via use-cases and doubt clearing sessions. 
  • Concept videos to incorporate in-depth knowledge of the topic.
  • Quizzes and Projects to check students’ progress and test their practical skills. 
  • Extra reading material to provide further insights into the topic.

Not just that, we also provide permanent access to the course content for our students to refer to it at any given point. Our placement support team helps them bag the perfect job at one of our top 300+ partner companies. 

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