Maintaining Work-Life-Study balance while pursuing Data Science Course

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Ragavi; Certified Data Scientist

When you aspire to elevate your career in Data Science, creating a path that aligns with your personal goals is essential. This journey demands self-confidence, trusted guidance, and determination to achieve your dreams.

Ragavi N’s inspiring story shows how, with the right support, anyone can enhance their career aspirations into a reality. With over five years of experience as a PeopleSoft developer at Accenture, Ragavi decided to enhance her knowledge and skillset, ultimately leading her to SkilloVilla.

Overcoming Challenges and Seeking Clarity

“My doubts weren’t getting cleared with the classes I took on YouTube.”

– Ragavi

Despite her background in SQL, and work in financial and supply chain domains, Ragavi faced challenges expanding her expertise. Recognizing the need for a more structured and transparent learning experience, Ragavi opted for SkilloVilla. She found the teaching approach at SkilloVilla easy to grasp because it starts with the basics and covers all industry-relevant language, requiring no prior knowledge.

Structured Guidance at SkilloVilla

Ragavi was particularly impressed with SkilloVilla’s well-structured curriculum. The clarity she got in her learning journey came through the interactive weekend classes. As a working professional, her schedule was tight, so she studied at night.

“If any doubt arises, I shared it with the curriculum team and got a response within 24 hours,” Ragavi noted, highlighting the platform’s excellent support system.

Effective Time Management Approach

To excel in both her studies and professional life, Ragavi took her time to find a balance. Dedicating at least two hours to learn daily can yield substantial results. SkilloVilla’s Discord channel became a lifeline for her because it provided her support not only from the curriculum team but also enabling her to get her doubts cleared by peers as well who promptly responded to all her queries, especially those related to assignments.

One of the standout aspects of her learning path was the Capstone Projects and Case studies. These ranged from beginner to advanced levels, allowing her to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. She tackled assignments such as predicting cardiovascular disease under unsupervised techniques, with guidance and clarifications provided during weekend interactive sessions.

Building Strong Analytical Foundations

Ragavi’s journey with SkilloVilla is transformative. She started with the basics of Python, Excel, and SQL, areas she had struggled with before. Ragavi leveraged her newfound knowledge, especially in SQL, to showcase her expertise in her current workplace.

“Mr. Sumit taught me what was expected in the industry and how to analyze data effectively.”

– Ragavi

Guidance from industry experts, such as Sumit Kumar, current Data Science specialist at NICE Ltd. (former Wolters Kluwer employee) , was pivotal. This mentorship played a crucial role in her development, preparing her for making a career in Data Science. The Industry expert’s guidance in understanding datasets while solving case study assignments was insightful.

She received prompt responses from the curriculum team via email and call, ensuring she never felt stuck on any topic.

Advice for Aspiring Data Scientists

“Put efforts in a consistent manner. Vast data is available online; choose the best and use it wisely.”

– Ragavi

Ragavi’s advice for future data science aspirants is simple yet profound. Her journey underscores the importance of dedication and the right guidance in enhancing a career.


Ragavi N’s journey with SkilloVilla highlights the platform’s exceptional ability to empower individuals in Data Analytics, Software Development and Data Science. SkilloVilla equips learners with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen careers by providing a structured learning environment, expert mentorship, and robust support.

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