How upskilling in Data Analytics can elevate a Professor’s Career

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Upskilling in data analytics—a high-paying career—has become a need of the hour, irrespective of age or academic background. ⌛
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Meet Vanadeep Cotipali, a passionate individual with a background in civil engineering, specialising in structural engineering. After completing both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering, Vanadeep embarked on a career as an assistant professor at a college. Guiding students through data projects sparked his interest in upskilling in data analytics.

The Decision to Switch Career

Upon completing his master’s, he decided to explore the world of data analytics and joined SkilloVilla after thorough research. Transitioning from civil engineering to data analytics, he embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and embarked on a journey to acquire new skills and certifications.

Vanadeep found the transition surprisingly smooth, attributing it to the structured approach provided by SkilloVilla. Despite being new to the field, the tools like Python, SQL, Advanced Excel and so on used in the course were presented in a comprehensible manner. The combination of assignments and practice exercises made learning convenient and effective.

Balancing Work and Learning

Being a working professional, Vanadeep dedicated approximately 2 hours each day to the Data Analytics career track program. The flexibility and design of the program allowed him to seamlessly integrate learning into his busy schedule. SkilloVilla’s course is tailored for individuals like Vanadeep, demonstrating that even with limited time, a career switch is attainable.

Curriculum Highlights

One of the standout features of SkilloVilla that impressed Vanadeep was the Learning Management System (LMS). In the live session with Deepak Kharol, they were encouraged to complete tasks within set deadlines, fostering commitment and discipline. The LMS, combined with a well-structured schedule, provided the motivation needed to successfully navigate the course.

Interactive Learning Environment

Vanadeep promptly resolved his doubts, using SkilloVilla’s Discord community as a valuable resource. Live classes with industry experts not only addressed queries but also offered real-world insights. Industry experts from renowned companies such as Cred, Swiggy, Razorpay, and Myntra conducted live sessions on Sundays, enhancing the learning experience.

Placement Assistance

As the placement process kicked off in December, SkilloVilla went the extra mile to prepare Vanadeep for the job market. They assisted in crafting an effective resume and conducted mock interviews, boosting his confidence for real-world interviews. The comprehensive support provided during the placement phase ensured a smooth transition from learner to job seeker.

Vanadeep’s Recommendation

Confident in his journey, Vanadeep emphatically recommends SkilloVilla’s Data Analytics Career Track to those aspiring to become data analysts. He emphasises that, with determination, anyone can successfully switch careers and thrive in the dynamic field of data analytics or data science.

Vanadeep’s testimonial serves as an inspiring narrative for individuals contemplating a career change. SkilloVilla’s well-structured courses, interactive learning environment, and industry-expert-led sessions create a conducive atmosphere for skill acquisition and career transition.

Entering the new year, this triumph underscores the transformative power of learning and the endless possibilities for those embracing change.

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