Specialising in Data Science Post-Engineering in Computer Science

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Having difficulty finding a job after a degree in computer engineering? Get inspired by how Chandana secured her future with Data Science.
Certified Data Scientist | SkilloVilla Success Stories

Chandana pursued a rigorous two-year Master’s program in Data Science yet she found herself grappling with minimal learning outcomes. Frustrated with the limitations of her formal education, she discovered SkilloVilla, a platform that revolutionised her understanding in a mere six months.

Unlike her previous academic experience, SkilloVilla’s Data Science career track offered a thorough approach, elucidating every concept from its rudiments to intricate advanced levels.

From Constraints to Career: Chandana’s Data Science Shift

Chandana began her journey after completing a computer science bachelor’s and a two-year data science master’s program at her college. Intrigued by building models and extracting insights from data, she aspired to fully transition into data science.

Financial constraints severely restricted her options. She wanted a quality education at an affordable price. She found that other platforms were expensive and lacked the comprehensive curriculum and extensive placement support that SkilloVilla offered. The platform’s curriculum, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, and robust placement support made quality education accessible within her budget.

SkilloVilla’s Data Science Curriculum

The weekend live classes, facilitated by industry experts, provided an interactive space for doubt resolution and focused study. Chandana delved into Python, SQL, and machine learning, building logistic and linear regression models. A unique feature that resonated with Chandana was the milestone concept, which tracked her progress from the beginning.

The weekdays were dedicated to practice, with a responsive support team available via calls, emails and discord for any queries. Learning from industry experts affiliated with renowned companies like Cred and Razorpay, the live sessions translated her theoretical knowledge into practical insights.

SkilloVilla’s Data Science career track program’s efficiency stood out compared to her two-year college data science course, offering a comprehensive A-Z knowledge base she had previously missed.

Placement Assistance and Industry Exposure

Chandana praised SkilloVilla’s extensive placement assistance, which extended up to two years. The support team’s constant availability ensured she could overcome hurdles swiftly. The platform’s placement journey stood out with a comprehensive approach.

From demo sessions and resume building to mock interviews and internal assignments, Chandana felt well-prepared for her transition. Regular updates on job openings added a proactive element to placement assistance.


Chandana’s reformative experience with SkilloVilla, bridging the gap between ambition and affordability, showcases the platform’s commitment to quality education. Her journey is a testament to the unique features, industry exposure, and comprehensive curriculum offered by SkilloVilla.

For those inspired by Chandana’s success, the link to testimonials and videos promises deeper insights. Aspiring data analysts and data scientists are encouraged to explore SkilloVilla, an ideal platform where affordability meets excellence, unlocking a pathway to a successful career in data science and data analytics.

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