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Certified Data Scientist | SkilloVilla Success Stories

Rajat‚Äôs switch wasn’t just a change in career direction; it was a testament to the power of following your passion. Before diving into Data Science, he graduated in electrical and communication, setting the stage for his seamless transition into this field. Find out more about his journey below:

Sneak Peek into the Journey of Adaptability and Discovery

In the fourth year of his college career, Rajat was introduced to Python by one of his friends. This led him to explore more options in the tech world and the data realm.  He soon sought a shift to IT and embraced a role as a Python developer for a startup in Noida.

Later on, he worked as a cloud practitioner at TCS for some time. During his job, he started to look into machine learning and eventually discovered Data Science. This led him to become a dedicated data scientist with the help of SkilloVilla’s Data Science Career Track.

SkilloVilla: Navigating the Path to Data Science Career Track

Rajat’s shift towards data science was sparked by his quest for meaningful projects when he was working at TCS. Initially diving into computer projects, his hunger for data science-specific projects led him to rekindle his Python skills.

Despite starting his course with Udemy, he found the content lacking. Hence, while seeking better avenues, Rajat discovered SkilloVilla, led by a free trial session with Deepak Kharol, which solidified his decision to enrol in the Data Science Career Track.

His initial concerns, from the relevance of covered technologies to cost and placement support, were promptly addressed during the program’s free trial session. SkilloVilla’s competitive pricing, coupled with placement assistance and seamless live sessions, sets it apart from other platforms. The comprehensive curriculum covered industry-relevant technologies and alleviated Rajat’s apprehension about mathematics, making the learning journey easier.

The capstone projects at SkilloVilla offered him invaluable practical insights, crucial to his current role as a data scientist. From foundational basics to advanced problem-solving skills, SkilloVilla equipped Rajat comprehensively. He honed feature engineering skills and delved into real-life business problems through interactive live sessions, directly impacting his ongoing projects.

A pivotal aspect for Rajat was the opportunity to learn from industry experts. Juggling his studies at SkilloVilla alongside a demanding job at TCS, he dedicated 1-2 hours daily amidst a 6-7 hour work schedule and found SkilloVilla’s Data Science Career Track invaluable in shaping his career and can be balanced easily. The program’s emphasis on real-world applications and problem-solving became a cornerstone in Rajat’s successful transition into his role as a data scientist.

Placement Victory

His entire journey of upskilling culminated in a placement victory, supported by SkilloVilla’s strategic post-course offerings. A dedicated resume-building session that lasts up to a week, mock interviews, and assistance in securing job opportunities showcased SkilloVilla’s commitment to its alumni.

SkilloVilla also offers a two-year assistance program that helps you switch jobs.¬† Rajat secured multiple calls from reputable companies provided by the placement support team. This success underscores the effectiveness of SkilloVilla’s placement support, which guides individuals from certification to professional achievement.

Words of Wisdom: The Key to Success

Rajat imparts valuable words of wisdom to aspiring data scientists. He emphasises the importance of commitment and consistency in learning. Sharing his own experience, he encourages individuals not to procrastinate, as the SkilloVilla program, combined with personal effort and willpower, ensures success.

His journey stands as a testament to both the learners and our learning platform.

Conclusion: Your Journey Awaits

Rajat Singh Parihar’s journey is an inspiration for those contemplating a career in data science or data analytics. His seamless transition from an unrelated field to a successful data scientist exemplifies the potential within every individual.

SkilloVilla’s data science career track played a vital role in his transition, offering a holistic learning experience, practical skills, and strong placement support.

Aspiring professionals should take note of Rajat’s story, recognising that with determination, the right learning platform, and consistent effort, they too can embark on a fulfilling career in data science with SkilloVilla as their guide.

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