Importance of Upskilling in Data Analytics for College  Students

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Certified Data Analyst | SkilloVilla Success Stories

Why did Akshit Gupta, a second-year economics student at Delhi University, enrol in SkilloVilla’s Data Analytics Career Track? It started with his peculiar habit of endlessly scrolling through platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, searching for random webinars. Amidst this quest, he stumbled upon SkilloVilla’s free masterclass. Akshit’s perception shifted by the end of the webinar, leading him to set his sights on a career as a Data Analyst.

Exploring His Upkilling Journey in Data Analytics

Akshit, with a keen awareness of Edtech marketing tactics, habitually scoured Instagram and LinkedIn for random webinars and seminars. With no intentions of joining initially, he attended SkilloVilla’s free masterclass out of the sheer prospect of learning something valuable.

During the session on upskilling in data analytics led by Deepak Kharol, Akshit was struck by Deepak’s candid approach, devoid of typical sales pitches. He noticed Deepak’s honesty about career prospects, which resonated deeply with him. This prompted Akshit’s enrollment in SkilloVilla the very next day. Initially motivated by Excel and Python, he ended the webinar determined to pursue a career as a data analyst.

His discovery of data analytics stemmed from recognizing its relevance as an economics honours student, understanding the potential career prospects, and his genuine interest in the field. This realisation further fueled his inclination towards pursuing a career as a data analyst and choosing SkilloVilla’s Data Analytics Career Track Program.

Knowledge Gain and Upskilling in Data Analytics

Akshit’s educational journey with SkilloVilla started with a structured curriculum. Live sessions, industry expert mentorship, and a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) featuring concise 5-minute videos made intricate concepts easily digestible. The unique aspect of short, precise videos ensured clarity from foundational to advanced levels.

A progress-tracking chart kept Akshit motivated, while the capstone project provided practical exposure crucial to a budding data analyst. SkilloVilla not only equipped him with technical skills but also instilled in him the coveted data analyst mindset.

One particularly commendable feature enhancing Akshit’s learning journey was the live sessions and the Discord channel. These interactive sessions, led by industry experts and mentors, not only clarified doubts but also provided a real-world understanding of tools like Excel, SQL, and Python.

The doubt resolution mechanism, coupled with constant motivation, established SkilloVilla as a platform committed to comprehensive upskilling. In acknowledging the value of SkilloVilla’s Discord channel, Akshit highlighted its role as an interactive space that responds within a day.

Job Conquests: SkilloVilla’s Success Chronicles

As Akshit advanced in his upskilling journey, the platform’s dedication to placement support became evident. The placement team guided him on interview types and conducted mock interviews, offering a simulated yet realistic experience. The personalised approach to interview preparation, alongside the practical skills acquired, positioned SkilloVilla as a standout platform for Akshit.

Furthermore, SkilloVilla extended its support beyond the theoretical realm by offering a resume-building session. This crucial step equipped Akshit with the tools to effectively present his skills in the job market. The mock interviews weren’t just practice runs. They are carefully designed experiences that help candidates like Akshit transition into interview experts, preparing them for the real deal with companies.

SkilloVilla Alumni Membership: 2-Year Placement Assistance

Taking a step further, SkilloVilla introduced a two-year support program that would prove instrumental for candidates like Akshit. He is currently a certified data analyst, and in two years, upon completing his graduation, he’ll become eligible for placements. That’s when the alumni’s two-year membership program will come to his rescue. This program won’t just ensure continued support but will also offer assistance in job placement, including a resume-building process and mock interviews to prepare candidates for the competitive job market.

Words of Insight: Unlocking Success

His honest testimony resonates with other students, emphasising that SkilloVilla is the optimal platform for pursuing a career in Data Analytics or Data Science. It not only imparts technical skills but also provides the necessary motivation and time management support crucial for working professionals as well as students.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of careers, SkilloVilla emerges as an upskilling platform and a supportive partner in the journey of professional growth. With a fusion of comprehensive upskilling, personalised placement support, and a motivational community, it sets the stage for individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving field of data analytics and data science.

At SkilloVilla, you’re not just choosing a program; you’re choosing a rocket launch toward success, no matter where you begin. Your ticket to a life-changing journey might be right around the corner. Dive into more inspiring success stories from SkilloVilla here.