Getting Placed at Giva with Data Analytics Certification

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Certified Data Analyst | SkilloVilla Success Stories

Venturing into a career transition often feels like setting sail into uncharted waters. Aniket Shingre, armed with a B.Tech. IT degree, found his true passion in Data Analytics, showcasing the power of SkilloVilla’s Data Analytics career track program. Let’s find out how exactly SkilloVilla assisted Aniket in his data analytics journey.

Navigating from Engineering to Business Analyst

Aniket Shingre’s experience serves as a roadmap for aspiring data analysts and budding data scientists. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Engineering in Information Technology, Aniket initially aimed to transition into the management domain. His inclination towards strategy was evident even before completing his undergrad, having engaged in work that hinted at the strategic landscape he desired.

Pursuing an MBA at the prestigious Symbiosis Institute in Pune, specialising in marketing, revealed a crucial realization: the pivotal role of Data Analysis. This awakening prompted his exploration into data analytics certificate courses, leading him to set a clear path for the next 5–10 years.

So, he chose to leave his ongoing commitments behind and redirect his focus entirely towards delving deeper into the world of data analytics. Aniket’s journey isn’t just personal; it guides those seeking a similar path, illustrating the reformative power of recognising one’s passion and wholeheartedly pursuing it.

Data Analytics Certification and Problem-Solving

Choosing SkilloVilla was an intentional decision for Aniket. Conversations with alumni and an in-depth exploration of the website revealed consistency in the communication. What distinguished SkilloVilla from Aniket was its emphasis on problem-solving over mere tool proficiency. Instructors, including industry experts, maintained a clear focus on practically implementing tools for effective problem-solving.

The SkilloVilla experience ignited change right from the outset for Aniket. The unique feature that stood out for him was the meticulous planning.

Securing Success: The SkilloVilla Placement Journey

SkilloVilla’s dedication goes beyond education, as reflected in his successful placement as a Business Analyst at Giva. The program’s thoroughness emerged through focused resume-building sessions—a dedicated module of 10 videos equipped students to create compelling resumes.

Additionally, mock interviews were held to prepare him for real-world job scenarios, ensuring his entry into the professional sphere with confidence and readiness. The placement team helped him ace his interviews and secure a place at Giva.

Words of Wisdom: Practicality is important!

Aniket’s journey imparts valuable insights to aspiring data analysts. He advocates for commitment, suggesting that, ‘if feasible, aspiring professionals should dedicate full-time efforts to their studies.’ Recognizing the practical constraints many face, he encourages simultaneous study and work, emphasising the need for practicality.

“Practicality is important. If you have to pay your bills and don’t have support, do it simultaneously,” Aniket advises. He emphasises that success in data analytics isn’t about knowing a dozen tools but understanding how to implement a few tools effectively in real time.

Tips from a Certified Data Analyst 

Aniket Shingre’s placement at Giva as a Business Analyst through SkilloVilla underscores the program’s effectiveness. Technical background aside, individuals can successfully pursue data analytics. SkilloVilla’s unique approach of focusing on problem-solving, supported by industry experts, meticulous planning, resume building, and mock interviews, provides a clear pathway to success.

At SkilloVilla, it’s more than just picking a program; it’s launching into success, no matter where you start. Your entry into an incredible journey with SkilloVilla could be right at your fingertips. Discover more inspiring success stories from SkilloVilla here.