Is Data Analytics Position Highest-Paying Jobs in India?

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Is Data Analytics Position Highest-Paying Jobs in India?

A palmist does the same thing that data analysts do: extracting insights from a set of data, even if it’s just the lines that run across your palm. While the scientific validity of data from your palm is questionable, data addiction is increasingly widespread. Companies are eager to pay top dollar for data analysts who can extract previously inaccessible intelligence. We’ll provide you with a complete image of the best data analytics job opportunities in India in this blog post & will also discuss if the data analytics positions are the highest paying jobs in India.

But, before we begin further let us first explore what are the data analytics job opportunities in India.

  • Data Architect

In India, each person consumes roughly 11 GB of data each month, which adds up to a significant amount of data produced each day. Because of the massive scope of this, businesses require assistance in organizing and storing data, which architects provide. Database design and development, including data flow and APIs, are common skillsets of a data architect. ETL tools, ERPs, CRMs, and other enterprise technologies are used in data modeling, master data management, data warehouse/data lake design, and other enterprise technologies.

According to LinkedIn, a data architect will earn a basic income of 18,50,000 each year. With experience, it scales up to 32,40,000, demonstrating how much companies rely on excellent data organization to speed up procedures. It is also feasible to work in highly specialized positions such as Business Intelligence architect, which pay significantly more (20,00,000 as a base wage).

  • Business Intelligence Manager

Business intelligence (BI) is a field that combines business and data. To develop new business strategies, a business intelligence manager will employ technologies such as predictive analytics, business performance management, big data analysis, complex event processing, and so on.

A BI manager will be knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Using data to solve complicated business problems
  • Analytical and quantitative abilities that have been demonstrated
  • Python or R as a programming language
  • Techniques for predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Tableau, PowerBI, and other similar tools are examples

A BI manager is in high demand, as evidenced by their remuneration, which starts at 14,00,000 and rises to 25,00,000 as their career continues.

  • Data Scientist

Most jobs in data science are referred to as “data scientists.” A data scientist typically hypothesizes business problems and solves them using data and analytics tools. The following is an example of a typical data scientist skillset:

  • Python programming abilities, SQL knowledge, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, Keras, TensorFlow, etc.
  • Interpersonal and problem-solving abilities
  • Machine learning algorithms and statistical methods, data mining, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data manipulation

Expertise in the field is frequently sought. In India, a data scientist earns an average of 9,00,000 per year, rising to 20,00,000 with expertise.

Retail has the highest need for data scientists, followed by travel, finance, and consumer goods, all of which pay around 13-14 lakhs as a base wage. As a data scientist’s career progresses, he or she may take on leadership roles such as senior data scientist or specialize in a certain discipline such as statistical analysis.

  • Data Administrator

A data administrator’s role is similar to that of a data architect, with the exception that the emphasis is on data management rather than system setup. A database administrator’s other tasks include ensuring data security and offering training to staff on how to successfully use data systems. Within firms that look for SQL-based database and relational database management skills, this role may be referred to as Database Administrator (DBA). According to Payscale, the average wage is around 8,38,025.

  • Data Manager

The data manager’s job is dual in nature: he or she is responsible for both data and people. A person in this position will be responsible for ensuring that the data systems perform smoothly, including database operationality, report preparation, data collection and entry, and so on. They will also be responsible for overseeing data management personnel and serving as a liaison between them and upper management. A data manager can earn around 7,59,000 on average, with the potential to increase to $25,60,000 overtime.

  • Business Analyst

The function of a business analyst is born from the union of business acumen and data analysis, effectively bridging the gap between IT and business. The analyst is in charge of delivering data insights to stakeholders in a way that they can understand, as well as integrating solutions that help the company expand. As a result, business analysts have a clear path to top management jobs in tech environments in the future. This title pays around 6,00,000 per year, with compensation that doubles with 6-14 years of experience. The top-paying industry for this position is non-profit, which pays around 12,30,000. With an average package of 9.7 lakh, energy and mining come in second. 

  • Data Analyst

The data analyst works in a generic capacity, analyzing many types of data, notably in small and medium-sized businesses. Consider this job posting for a firm with 51-200 employees: Apart from data analysis, it also covers data modeling, automation, data organization, and the identification and integration of new technology. This also means that the position can lead to other specifications, some of which are included in this article. In India, data analyst jobs salaries range from Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 8,89,000. Finance and retail are the highest-paying industry, with an average salary of 6,00,000.

More businesses are embracing the use of everyday analytics, which will result in increased job opportunities (more employers!). It’s not difficult to find well-paid work as a data analyst if you have the necessary abilities, some hands-on experience, and a data fixation. With all the above-mentioned information, now you can understand and even make a decision on if the data analytics jobs are the highest paying ones in India.