What is the Scope and Future of Data Analytics?

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What is the Scope and Future of Data Analytics?

We are generating data every day. When you shop online, whether you watch shows on Netflix. Even when you’re browsing through social media platforms or watching videos on YouTube. The data which is generated is used for decision-making. Do you want to determine the customer’s mood? Do you want to figure out the latest trends in the markets? This is where Data Analytics is useful.

What is Data Analytics?

The term data analytics is self-explanatory.  Data whether it’s structured, unstructured, real-time, qualitative, etc. are analyzed. The analysis shows a pattern. By studying these patterns, you can decide what actions to take regarding your business. Your business will transform by studying these patterns.

A profession in Data Analytics can help you to understand business situations. There are businesses that conduct surveys and polls to understand public opinion. Even on YouTube, there are surveys questions at times. This is an example of how data is collected from the public. It’s further used by businesses to perform as per the public opinion.

Through data analytics courses, you can learn the following things:

  • Statistical techniques
  • Quantitative capacity
  • Business learning
  • Big data
  • Instruments to understand the accessible data
  • Asset management

Why is Data Analysis Becoming Important?

Why is data analysis becoming popular all of a sudden? Data analysis is revolutionizing Information Technology. What is a company’s main focus? There can be various answers to this. However, for a company, customers are crucial.  How a company uses the data to enhance its relationship with the customers matters a lot.

Through data analytics, all the important data is safeguarded from hackers. It gets easier to detect threats and come up with ways to deal with them.

You must have also noticed that you get recommendations on YouTube and other social media platforms. It’s also common to find recommendations when shopping online. This is how you get personalized recommendations.

Data analytics can be divided into three types.

  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics

If you find this field interesting then it has a lot of potential. You can grow in your career and a new set of opportunities will find you too.

So, why is data analytics important? This is because it helps in increasing the productivity and profit of a business. All the data is collected in real-time and that too at a large scale.

Data analytical tools such as Microsoft Excel, R, Python, Tableau, Talend are high in demand. Some other tools are RapidMiner, KNIME, Apache Spark. That is a reason why so many platforms have started offering data science and data analytics course.

Why Study Data Analytics?

Are you still not convinced of the importance of data analysis? Continue reading to find what you can gain through the data analytics course.

Analytics is already being used in several industries like aviation, retail is also getting on board. The demand is only going to increase in the future. Here is why you must study data analytics.

  • Gaining problem-solving skills

In the end, data analytics is all about solving problems. The problems however are large scale. The entire business, staff as well as customers can get impacted by it. Approaching the problems analytically is important. For instance, there’s a business across multiple cities. the number per sale, income, size of a sales team can be analysed. This way it is easier to find why some areas sell less and come up with solutions.

Being able to look at data and draw out a conclusion is a valuable skill. By studying, you’ll learn how you can look at the data analytically and how you can approach a problem. Oftentimes, we do not look at problems analytically which is of utmost value.

  • High demand

You must have already understood that the demand for data analytics is high. So, studying it is going to benefit you. Right now, there is a shortage of data analysts. So, you’ll have an edge if you have relevant knowledge in data analytics. Since there is already a shortage of professionals you can demand a higher salary also.

  • Analytics exist everywhere

There are so many new opportunities for employees who are talented in this field. You can work in industries such as aviation, government or retail and so on. Some companies want to make use of Big Data therefore, starting a career in the field is beneficial.

  • Range of skills

The field of data analytics is huge. It is more than handling data and solving data-related problems. You must be able to communicate the data in a layman’s language to others. People who’re not in the same field may not understand the complicated terminologies. It is important to get your ideas across to others.

Data Analysis course for Beginners

Do you enjoy dealing with data? If it interests you then you can opt for the data analysis course.  The data analysis course for beginners can last up to 90 days or more.  The best part is that you need no prior knowledge of programming or statistics.  Having a basic knowledge of mathematics, MS Excel, SQL, and other common terminologies would be beneficial for you.

Now you must be wondering how beginners learn data analysis? As a beginner, you start by learning different types of data. Furthermore, you learn how the information is processed to draw meaningful conclusions from it.

You can search for a data analysis course online and you might find something suitable for yourself. Various platforms offer data analysis courses online like  Coursera, Udemy, and many other platforms. Apart from this, some institutions offer data analysis courses as well.

You’ll gain an understanding of Big Data applications. You might also learn to develop algorithms. Through data analysis courses, you’ll be able to apply principles, techniques, and theories to problems. Besides, you’ll also get an edge in your career.

Scope of Data Analytics in India

Data analytics offers huge scope for learning as well as growth. With help of data analytics, current data is secured. Big Data analytical tools are embedded with AI. This allows organisations to prevent and reduce threats and cyberattacks. It can be used for future purposes too. There are some sectors in India where data analytics is used:

  • Finance
  • Media communications
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Internet business companies

Data security is another issue that is prevalent today. However, I can be solved with data analytics. It is easy to extract all the useful and important data. This increases the productivity of a business which also leads to growth.

Data analytics certificate programs are offered by IIT, NMIMS as well.


The importance of data analysis has increased over the years. This has led to competition as well as demand. The demand for Big Data professionals has increased. This field has a lot of potential.

SkilloVilla is a platform that offers courses in Data Analytics. We also have a placement support team that helps you in partnering with the industry. Apart from this, you’ll learn from industry professionals.

In conclusion, data analytics has become crucial. It helps in decision-making, improving business. If you have a business then data analytics will give you an edge over your competitors.

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