What is the scope of Data Science & Machine Learning?

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What is the scope of Data Science & Machine Learning?

     The world is so dependent upon data and today it has become an important subject. The question is why is data so important? It’s full of insights that are so useful for any business to perform well.

The frequency of online data science certificate programs on educational platforms is increasing. This shows that there is demand for the subject and that people are opting for it.

What is Data Science?

Data is information that can exist in any form. It may be in form of text, audio, video, or numerical format. Data science extracts knowledge from data using machine algorithms, statistical methods, and mathematical analysis. If you want to learn how to work with data then data science is for you. You learn the following things in data science:

  • Formulating research questions
  • Collect data
  • Prepare the data for analysis
  • Store it
  • Analyze the data
  • Present the results of the research in reports and visualizations

Data is collected from different places and in large quantities. It is difficult for a human to analyze it. Any human being would require tools and techniques to analyze it.

If you want to work with data, focus and build on developing technical skills. Having basic knowledge about programming and computer science is going to prove helpful. Knowing subjects like math, data visualization and statistics is also an advantage. it’s a plus if you’re someone who enjoys carrying out research.

Data helps companies understand their customers better. This optimizes the business. The products offered to the customers also get improved and better.

Now is it possible to learn these skills? Of course, you can learn all this through online data science certificate programs. Various platforms are offering this course. The price and duration of the course may differ from platform to platform.

The demand for data scientists has risen. IBM also offers this professional certificate.

You must be wondering what you will learn from a data certification course. You’ll understand the data of the structure and how data can be manipulated. You’ll be able to perform scientific and technical computing. You will gain knowledge of tools and how to develop your portfolio. This gives you a competitive edge in the job market.

Scope of Data Science

There are many vacancies for data scientists in India.  As a consequence, the demand has increased. So, data science has a lot of scope if you’re interested in the field. The following industries have a high demand for data scientists.

  •      Ecommerce and retail

In the eCommerce and retail industries, there is a huge requirement for data scientists.  It is possible to predict the purchases and profits or losses with the help of data science in these fields. Not only this, the customer behavior can be studied and manipulated. This will lead the customers to buy the products. Retail brands can analyze the profile of the customers and what they’re interested in. Through the results, similar products can be introduced and sold.

  • Manufacturing

It is possible to improve production, reduce risk and increase profit with the use of data science in manufacturing. Being in the manufacturing field gives you an idea of how the industry works. So, search for the best data science courses online that’ll help you in building your skills and techniques. It can help you keep a track of performance and quality. You’ll get an idea of the average pricing of a product in the global market.

Apart from this, you can find how much demand is there for a particular product. This is also useful in forecasting. Keeping a track of suppliers and the supply chain also gets easier.

  • Banking and Finance

Banks have evolved greatly today. They adopted information technology for processes and security pretty early. Why does a bank require data science? The answer is simple. They want to understand the customers, retain them and also find new ones. Besides, the data of transactions is used in risk and fraud management. The personal information of each client is can be managed properly now. The security is better. The purchase history and pattern tell a lot about a customer.

  • Healthcare

Various things need to be kept in order in the healthcare industry. A few examples are electronic medical records, bills, clinical systems. There are many small things through which large data is generated. With the help of past data, healthcare providers can help create a better experience for future customers. The healthcare industry is still in the phase of the revolution. The way of providing case is improving which also improves the operational experience. Data scientists are working on optimizing every aspect of the healthcare industry.

  • Transport

The transportation industry is huge. You are a customer of the transportation industry. A large amount of data is generated on daily basis in this industry. With so many people using transport daily, it’s impossible to not have data. Data is collected through passenger counting systems, vehicle location systems, ticketing, etc. The data collected gives an insight on how to manage the transportation network better.

A company that has a good management transportation network will look reliable in your eyes. It helps in gaining a competitive edge.

You can find platforms offering the course and find the data science course fees. The fees and duration may differ from platform to platform. However, the return you get will be more than what you invested.

Job Role

We have already discussed why you should learn data science.

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you must be a critical thinker and a problem solver. The role of a data analyst is to discover useful information and come up with conclusions. To do this, data is inspected and interpreted. The conclusions are helpful in making business decisions.

Having knowledge of SQL, SAS, Python R, Tableau is important. Apart from this, knowing database management, data visualization, statistics, and mathematics is also crucial. The starting salary is 8 lakh per annum for a data analyst professional.

Data Scientist

A data scientist gathers all the important information from structures and unstructured data. To do this, scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems are used. Data science is related to data mining, machine learning and big data.

As a data scientist, you’ll have to perform more complex problems. Proficiency in programming, statistics, machine learning and data wrangling is required. In a tech company, the salary can start from 10 lakh per annum.


You have to interpret the results as a statistician. Apart from this, you have to give strategic recommendations, forecasts. You’ll need expertise in using visualization tools. Being able to work with different database systems and machine learning technologies is important.

The average salary for a statistician can be 5 lakh per annum.


The conclusion here is that a fresher can study and become a data scientist. The field is growing and so are the job opportunities. All you need to do is to perfect your skills. Master the techniques and focus on gaining experience.

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