An Introduction to Data Science: Course, Concepts, Statistics, and Computing Tools

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An Introduction to Data Science: Course, Concepts

What is Data Science?

Simply put, data science is the study of data. It has become the most demanding job in the 21st Century. The future is highly dependent on data, well-extracted information from data helps organizations generate revenue, improve customer relationships, make strategic decisions, and much more. Data science involves recording, storing, and managing to effectively extract useful information.

We all are aware of the wonder of ‘Google’. When we think about search engines, Google is the first word that comes to our mind. There are many other search engines in the market, what made Google stand out? Google can process more than 20 petabytes per day. Adding on, from your personal experience you would agree about the accuracy of Google search engines. Whatever you are looking for, is generally found on the first page of your search results. This is the power of data science.

Data science is related to computer science, although computer science deals with making software and developing algorithms. Data science involves the conceptual knowledge of statistics to collect, organize, analyze and present data. Managing large amounts of data is a real challenge, hence data science has become an integral part of IT. Data science also requires sound knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, etc.

Hence, the best data science course would involve these skills to help you excel in this field. Data science has multi real-world applications such as healthcare, speech recognition, internet search, target advertising, gaming, airline route planning, image recognition, etc. There is no doubt about the future applications of data science. It is truly said that “Data powers everything that we do”- Jeff Weiner.

Which are the Components of Data Science?

Statistics: Statistics is a discipline that involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Statistics is a fundamental tool for data science, which is supposed to gather data and extract information to drive business decisions.

Mathematics: Mathematics involves the study of structure, space, changes, quantity, etc. Sound mathematical knowledge is important to excel as a data scientist.

Domain Expertise: Domain expertise implies proper knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of a specialized field. In data science, various areas need domain experts.

Visualization: Data visualization involves representing data visually so that people can understand the significance of the data. Visuals make it easier to access and make sense of data.

Data Engineering: This component of data science involves acquiring, storing, retrieving, and transforming the data. Data engineering includes processing metadata too.

Machine Learning: Machine learning is the backbone of this field. Data scientists train machines to act as a human brain. A data scientist should have a proper understanding of machine learning algorithms.

Advanced Computing: Advanced computing involves designing, writing, debugging, maintaining the source code of computer programs, etc. This is a crucial component of data science.

Tools for Data Science

Data Warehousing: ETL, SQL, Hadoop, Informatica/Talend, AWS Redshift.

Data Analysis tools: Python, R, Statistics, SAS, Jupyter, R Studio, MATLAB, Excel, RapidMiner.

Machine learning tools: Spark, Mahout, Azure ML studio.

Data Visualization tools: R, Jupyter, Tableau, Cognos.

Course details

If you are looking for the best data science course, you need not look any further. SkilloVilla offers comprehensive courses to train data scientists. After pursuing the courses offered by the online data science course, you will be proficient in Python, Machine learning, etc. some of the crucial components of data science.

The course covers all the fundamentals of Python, an open-source, high-level language, and provides a great approach to object-oriented programming. Python lets you manage, fetch, convert, and enhance data from diverse data sources. The course will make you proficient in deep learning Python frameworks and their rapid evolution. The course introduces you to Python data structures to reveal insights and present findings using data visualization techniques. You can unleash the potential of this incredibly productive, easy-to-learn, and versatile language. After pursuing the online data science course, you will be equipped with all the necessary practical skills to address real-world problems.

Machine learning is an inevitable data science component that helps automate the process of data analysis and provides real-time data to make data-driven decisions. The well-designed curriculum at SkilloVilla will help you discover complex data patterns using machine learning algorithms. You will be empowered to apply machine learning techniques to real-world issues. After learning this online data science course, you will be able to see the unseen, with the use of prediction and forecasting algorithms. Along with technical knowledge, the course helps you develop critical and problem-solving skills too.

The ‘Data Analytics and Statistics using Python’ course offered by SkilloVilla helps you gain mastery over the Math behind data science. You can analyze complex data effortlessly to solve challenging problems. Through this course, you get to learn about linear algebra, probability, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, data visualization, etc. You also get introduced to various useful tools and strategies to analyze data.

Advantages of Online Data Science Course

These online data science courses can be completed at your convenience, from the comforts of your home. After reading the following advantages, you will surely want to pursue a lucrative data science career,

  • Exposure to the latest data science technologies and content knowledge. This will equip learners to deal with real-world challenges.
  • The highly experienced faculty (IITs) help you grasp complex concepts with ease.
  • During the course, you get introduced to various industry-based projects that will help you understand different projects from multiple sectors.
  • All the software used in this course is easy to download and operate.
  • After completing the course, you receive a course completion certificate that will surely add to your resume.
  • SkilloVilla provides placement assistance to help you land your dream job.

SkiiloVilla offers the best data science course in India, it was founded by motivated IITs to empower aspirants with 21st-century skills. Along with sound technical knowledge, you get to be mentored by industry experts, revamp your resume, and gain the necessary convince to secure your dream job. The live, interactive data science online classes ensure that you are thorough with the concepts, proficient with the tools and strategies required to excel as a data scientist. A good investment in learning skills will surely reap fruitful results in the future. Start your journey now!