The Next Big Thing in Data Science And Machine Learning Course

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The Next Big Thing in Data Science And Machine Learning Course

In today’s economy, all businesses are highly dependent on data. Advanced analytics and machine learning have proven to extract greater value from data to increase revenue, gain a competitive edge and reduce costs. It is needless to say that the demand for data scientists and machine learning engineers is on the rise.

“Data really powers everything that we do”- Jeff Weiner

With so many companies brimming with data, it is a wise decision to put the data to good use.

Data is the new ‘Oil’

The amount of data generated daily is enormous. Organizations struggle to store, maintain and make sense out of huge volumes of data.

Google processes 20 Petabyte of data per day (2021)

Facebook processes 4 Petabytes of data per day (2021)

When organizations are dealing with petabytes and exabytes of data, it becomes difficult to store and maintain it. With the emergence of popular frameworks such as Hadoop and others, storage of data is no longer a problem.

The focus is more on processing data and extracting valuable information from it. Most business organizations are looking for a data scientist who can present information from structured or unstructured data, that helps decision making.

What is Data Science?

Data science, an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract useful information from data, is an exciting field with many bright opportunities in the near future. The study includes identifying the origin of data, thorough study of the content matter, and determining the usefulness of data for the company’s growth. Data scientists excel at transforming raw data into critical business matters. These scientists apply data mining, machine learning, algorithmic coding and statistics to recognize patterns in a data set. Data science is used by many sectors such as airlines, internet search, online services, health care, fraud detection and many more.   

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is the science of using computers to perform an action without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning uses algorithms to process data and deliver future predictions without human intervention. Most of the data science methodologies come from machine learning. The ability to build prediction algorithms using data is what distinguishes machine learning from other computer-guided decision processes.

Data science and machine learning can transform a business in magical ways. Data science and machine learning play an important role not only in bringing new customers to online services but keeping the existing customers happy. Companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon rely on data science and machine learning to grow exponentially and reach new heights.

Data combined with Math and Statistical knowledge gives you machine learning. However, to become a data scientist, experimentation and building knowledge are essential to extract relevant information. You need to ask the right question to the right person to obtain the information that you require. People often get confused between data science and machine learning. The table below highlights the differences between the two,

Data ScienceMachine Learning
Data Science is a field that utilizes processes and systems to extract data from structured or semi-structured data.Machine learning gives computers the capacity to learn without being explicitly programmed.
It requires the entire analytics universe.It is a combination of data science and machine learning. It fits within data science.
Human intervention is essential to extract meaningful information.It requires less human intervention
It focuses on algorithm statistics and data processing.It only focuses on algorithm statistics.
Netflix using data science technology.Facebook using machine learning technology.

Description of the Data Science and Machine Learning Course

If you want to learn how companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, extract information from huge volumes of data, this is the right course for you. The course will offer all the fundamentals you need to begin your data science and machine learning journey.

Data scientists enjoy one of the top-paying jobs in the world. There were approximately 93,500 job vacancies for data scientists in India for the want of relevant profiles, according to the latest reports by Great Learning. The average salary of a data scientist is approximately 7 lacs per annum. The course rewards you financially and gives you a sense of satisfaction and excitement.

If you have got a programming background, this course will teach you all the techniques used by real data science and machine learning experts in the field. This comprehensive data science course includes lectures, subject-specific skills and even prepares you to get your dream job!

Each lecture is taught in simple English, which is easy to comprehend and grasp. The faculty is well equipped to make this journey smooth and fruitful for you. The course includes hands-on Python code examples you can refer to and practice. It also teaches you the right visualization techniques to present your findings to your audience.

The course gives a thorough understanding of core mathematical concepts. Statistics and probability are also included in the course to enhance your knowledge of probability which is important for machine learning. The course helps you gain a practical understanding of these subjects.

Along with academics, the course helps you connect with top companies, helps you build your resume, and ensures that you land your dream job. You can’t find a course that focuses on your academic and personal growth equally. It holistically prepares you for the future and guides you at every step.

The course will cover the following techniques real employers are looking for,

  • Deep Learning
  • Data Visualization using Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Probability
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Data Pre-processing
  • Linear and Multiple Regression
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Regression Analysis

…and much more! The course also offers an additional course to create a flawless profile and teaches aspirants how to crack an interview.

Who is eligible for this course?

If you have some programming background and inclination towards it, you must go for this course. If you are a data analyst who is looking for an exciting career switch, you should get started with a data science certification course now!

Eligibility for the course:

  • Whether you are into a programming field or not, this course is open for anyone from any field.
  • Software developers or programmers can transition into a lucrative data science and machine learning career with ease.
  • Technologists who are curious about deep learning can surely benefit from this course.
  • Data analysts from finance or non-tech backgrounds can transition into the tech industry with the help of this course.
  • Engineering graduates can take up this course to upskill themselves and enrich their resumes.


Understand the math behind data science and learn advanced algorithms through the best data science and machine learning course. Enhance your knowledge of manipulating data, transforming it, and presenting it easily and concisely. If you fit the eligibility criteria, you must not delay. It is time to invest in yourself and create a wonderful career path for you. Your future self will thank you for it.

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