4 Stories by Rajat

An Introduction to Data Science: Course, Concepts, Statistics, and Computing Tools

What is Data Science? Simply put, data science is the study of data. It has become the most demanding job in the 21st Century....
3 min read

Data scientists are one of the highest-paid employees of most companies

The Age of Data Science Data is a company’s biggest asset, it is one of the most important factors contributing to a company’s long-term...
4 min read

An Introduction to Data Analytics: Course, Concepts, Statistics, and Computing Tools

For a long time, the buzzword has been data. Whether it’s data generated by major corporations or data generated by individuals, every piece of...
3 min read

Is Data Analytics Position Highest-Paying Jobs in India?

A palmist does the same thing that data analysts do: extracting insights from a set of data, even if it’s just the lines that...
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