Why should you consider learning MS Excel?

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Importance of learning MS Excel

Microsoft Excel has been in the market since 1982, employed as a Multipan, a Control Program for Microcomputers. Today, MS Excel is the most popular business application. It is flexible and easily adaptable to almost any business process. It has simplified many tasks like automating numbers and calculations, statistical analysis, and managing data for businesses. Almost every one of us has used MS Excel for our personal or professional objectives, but it is still a notable skill that needs to be mastered further. It adds weight to your resume and increases your potential by adding a competitive edge over other candidates. Listed below are the significance of learning Microsoft Excel.

Excel is the employer’s pick

Excel increases employability.

Every business uses Excel for their day-to-day tasks, and almost every role requires some basic knowledge of the application. Many employers believe that employees with advanced knowledge of MS Excel have high-grade analytical skills and can perform tasks expeditiously and accurately. As a result, MOS certification can increase your chances of getting a job up to 60%. 

Excel increases productivity

Increasing productivity.

MS Excel is a quick and easy way to organize and handle data at the workplace. By minimizing human errors, Excel allows you to analyze large amounts of data and carry out complicated calculations in a matter of seconds. As one gets accustomed to Excel, their productivity can increase by leaps and bounds. Unsurprisingly, you can save 80% of your time and be 5 times more productive just by learning Excel keyboard shortcuts!

Excel enhances other career skills

enhancement in other career skills.

Excel is not just tables, it is a tool with many features and advantages. By practicing Excel, you get your hands on several other skills such as information filtering and data tracking tasks, sorting lists, creating graphs and charts, and executing calculations. It improves your ability to track and interpret data and align organizational and math skills. 

Excel can increase your salary

Excel increases salary.

As discussed earlier, Excel makes you more marketable and increases your productivity. But, learning excel can also boost your earning potential. A study suggested that almost 82% of the jobs require proficiency with productivity software like excel. An elevated level of skill can benefit you by increasing your pay up to 12%. Over time, this percentage has grown even higher.

Excel opens the door to new careers

Excel opens new career paths.

Learning MS Excel not only improves your performance in your current job, but it also helps you break into new areas. With advanced knowledge of Excel, you can qualify for many reputed roles such as financial analysts, finance managers, project managers, business analysts, data journalists, cost estimators, researchers, accountants, store managers, and administrators. 

Excel is everywhere

Excel is accessible everywhere.

It is no harm to say that Excel is the universal language accessible throughout the globe. The spreadsheet can easily be shared, adapted, and modified by other users for teamwork.  With the accessibility feature of MS Excel, you can make sure that people, including the specially-abled ones, can conveniently read and edit your spreadsheet. 

By learning even the basics of Excel, you can increase your productivity and ability to manage data more efficiently. While some studies suggest that about 10% of working lives are spent on spreadsheets for tasks like analysis, financials, and reporting, companies are looking for MS Excel experts to do these tasks more precisely. Companies don’t mind paying more for candidates with expertise in this field as they complete tasks in lesser time. Mastering advanced Excel skills like pivot tables, macros, Vlookups, etc., not only saves your time but will also give you more detailed and accurate results.

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