Tinder uses AI to find your ‘Match’: AI in Dating Apps.

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Tinder uses AI to find a match.

This is the 21st century, and we are experiencing times where science fiction is becoming our day-to-day reality. While most industries are leveraging AI and Machine learning for a variety of purposes, we shall not overlook online dating platforms. The movie ‘Her’ started the controversy about AI as a ‘partner’ when an LA-based writer fell in love with an Operating System. It was indeed an award-winning sci-fi movie, leaving people wondering about the future of dating. We might not be exactly on that road, but we have started leveraging AI in dating. Many online platforms like Tinder uses AI to find you a perfect ‘MATCH’.

But how exactly does AI help you win a date? Let’s have a look: 

Tinder LOVE Algorithm: A recommendation system

Recommendation system of Tinder.

If you are reading this article, we assume that you are already familiar with Tinder. If not, then Tinder is an online dating platform that helps you meet people through its ‘swipe’ and ‘match’ feature. It uses AI and ML algorithms to evaluate your profile and compares it with other users’ data. That’s how it finds you the right ‘Match’! 

Tinder works on VecTec, a machine-learning algorithm along with artificial intelligence to generate personalized recommendations. The algorithm evaluates a user based on agreeability, relationship preferences, degree of romantic passion, proximity or locality, height, religion, and level of openness to new experiences. There is a better chance of finding a good match if two users share higher similarities under these criteria. 

What else does AI do for Tinder users? 

Tinder also uses AI to improve the user experience while protecting them from abuse. The Smart Photo and Are You Sure features of Tinder are some of the best ways to use AI in dating apps. 

Tinder uses AI for its Smart Photo feature:  

The Smart Photo feature

In 2016, Tinder launched its Smart Photo feature that turned out to be a great development for both Tinder and its members. This feature is like that one friend who helps you choose the picture you should post on social media. 

The Smart Photos algorithm uses the A/B testing method to analyze the responses on your profile. It maximizes your chance of getting a ‘Right Swipe’by selecting your best picture and showcasing it first when someone encounters your profile. According to Tinder, the Smart Photo feature increases 12% chances of members finding matches.

Tinder uses AI for its ARE YOU SURE (ASY) feature: 

Tinder's Are You Sure feature.

This recent algorithm is a major relief for the users who encounter offensive messages on virtual dating platforms. The ASY feature automatically scans messages that might be considered as ‘harmful language’. Whenever the algorithm detects an inappropriate message, it promptly alerts the user to evaluate their intentions of sending the message. Tinder said that the AYS feature was able to reduce the usage of ‘inappropriate language’ by 10% in its early testing phase.

Wondering how an algorithm can tell what an “inappropriate message” is?

The developers have trained the algorithm by considering the messages that were already reported as ‘inappropriate‘ by its users. In the online dating world, that would be a wide set of data for AI to follow. In this manner, the AI can identify the keywords and patterns to recognize an offensive message. 

With this feature, Tinder will be able to reduce the cases of obnoxious, overtly sexual content, and all languages against community guidelines. This will stop harassment before it even starts!

AI is the future of dating! 

Online Dating

As you have read how Tinder is using AI to enhance its user experience and find them, LOVE date, you might wonder about the future of dating. Well, it is not wrong to presume that AI is the frontier of Dating in the coming era. Why did we say that? 

We are living in a world advancing towards digitalization. People nowadays are more comfortable with emojis, instant messaging, and conversing with people online rather than actual meetups. Over 300 million people are using online dating apps like Tinder to find a partner in today’s time. The data of 24% of couples meeting online in 2017, is estimated to rise as high as 70% in 2040. It may be because people don’t have much time to focus on building relationships. It is sad but true! 

However, AI and ML algorithms are the silver bullet solution for this problem(and many others), making dating apps more reliable. 

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